Project Description

Life is better together

BTW promote and encourage an active and varied lifestyle. Making plans and spending time with others is good for the mind and soul. Lockdown restrictions have obviously put a stop to group meetings but we’re looking forward to planning our activities schedule for later in 2021.

Baby massage

Baby massage classes are a lovely way to bond with your baby, to stop and put aside all the day to day jobs you have to do and spend an hr learning some soothing and beneficial massage techniques.

Art therapy

Creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Art can be used to explore emotions, develop self awareness and cope with stress + it’s a fun social activity to enjoy with friends.

Fitness sessions

Whatever your physical ability, fitness sessions are hugely beneficial to the mind and body. Just 20-30 minutes a day has proven long term health benefits.

Music sessions

Have fun and let your children find the joy in music. Group music sessions are an opportunity to enjoy music together using a variety of instruments.


Learn effective meditation techniques to put into practice when it’s all feeling too much. Meditation will help to clear your mind and help you unwind

Health professional visits

Gatherings – to encourage a sense of belonging – in person when guidelines allow via zoom until then.


Recreation – Stay active; fun parent and child fitness sessions (online baby yoga, parent/toddler workouts etc)

Days out

Eastbourne & East Sussex is great for young families with lots of outdoor and indoor entertainment for children of all ages: Farms, Zoos, play parks and more.

Pamper packages

We all need a little pamper session every now and then, it makes you feel rejuvenated and it’s nice to show yourself some love…because you’re worth it!

Nature walks

When the rues allow we’ll be looking forward to getting together again to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of East Sussex.


If you’d like to join our group or learn more about us, please contact us today, we’d love to meet you.